EPS’ First Tanker powered by Ethane!

24 May 2022
EPS’ First Tanker powered by Ethane!

Delivered in Ulsan, Korea — 98,000 cubic meter STL Yangtze is the first of six Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC) to join our growing gas fleet!

All six vessels feature dual fuel ethane propulsion which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional marine fuels. On 15-year charters to China-based Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical (STL), these environmentally friendly vessels will carry ethane between the US Gulf Coast to STL’s plant in Lianyungang, China. These vessels also have reimagined accommodations, as part of the EPS Life at Sea Programme!

The delivery of STL Yangtze is a major milestone for EPS as it represents our commitment to maritime’s energy transition with our holistic alternative marine fuels programme to achieve the industry’s decarbonisation goals!

Congrats to all teams involved in making this milestone possible and a warm welcome to STL Yangtze to our EPS Gas fleet!