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Life at Sea
Life at Sea
Life at Sea

EPS is currently undergoing unprecedented growth with an expanding orderbook pushing us to over 22 million DWT under management. To manage this exponential growth in a fast-changing environment, EPS is shifting its culture from managing ships to leading people. Supporting this culture shift is the EPS Life at Sea Programme – a robust initiative designed to improve the long term mental and physical wellbeing of our 6,000 strong workforce.

While the programme is intended to enhance the quality of life onboard today, it is also an investment for the next generation of seafarers. In addition, the programme plays a key role in supporting EPS’ rapid growth where attracting and retaining talent is a necessity. The EPS Life at Sea Programme includes a comprehensive set of benefits such as:

  • Reimaged accommodations
  • Increased connectivity
  • Professional mental health support
  • State-of-the-art gymnasiums
  • Dedicated physical readiness coaches
  • An in-house culinary consultant
  • Company-wide contests and challenges
  • Access to an internal social network

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