Sustainability is a Mindset

08 April 2022
Sustainability is a Mindset

Eastern Pacific Shipping’s Capt. Anil Singh reveals how the shipping giant is cutting greenhouse gas emissions now

When it comes to the maritime energy transition, Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) isn’t taking a wait-and-see approach. Instead, the shipping giant – with a fleet of more than 190 vessels – is taking action to reduce their carbon footprint today with a focus on six alternative marine fuels: liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), ethane, biofuels, methanol and ammonia. By 2024, EPS will already have 60 dual-fuel vessels, retrofits and newbuilds, running on these fuels. We spoke with Capt. Anil Singh, Master Mariner and Chief Operating Officer at EPS, about the company’s strategy to decarbonize and whether others will follow.

Read the full interview by Glenn van Zutphen to learn about EPS’ holistic alternative marine fuel programme and strategic partnership with MAN Energy Solutions!

 Photos of Capt Anil by Alexander Manton