Gil Ofer featured in Tradewinds Thirty@30 Years List

20 October 2020
Gil Ofer represents the belief that technology will be as important as alternative marine fuels to eliminate emissions

As EPS’ Special Advisor to Innovation, Gil has made it his mission to transform the company into a trendsetter in green maritime technology.

In an interview with TW+, Gil said “When we run a business of [Eastern Pacific’s] size and standing, it becomes part of our duty to be proactive and show the industry what can be achieved.”

“The drive to zero emissions is our ultimate objective, but how we exactly get there is unclear. What we do know is that technology, such as the Internet of Things, big data and software, will play as big of a role as cleaner alternative fuels to getting to zero.”

Gil emphasised the need for industry-wide collaboration for shipping to thrive over the next few decades.

“We saw a glimpse of this in action with our accelerator programme, where over 150 industry leaders came together to mentor start-ups. They did this not for financial gains but rather for the greater good of the industry, which was rewarding and inspiring to witness.

“This creative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit are needed to attract the next generation of workers at sea and shore.”

As EPS Special Advisor for Innovation, Gil provides EPS’ innovation and IT team with objectives and guidance on its technology strategy. 

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