EPS makes history with its first LNG bunkering!

09 November 2020
EPS makes history with its first LNG bunkering!

The successful operation marks the beginning of new era for EPS 

EPS is pleased to announce that its managed vessel M/V CMA CGM Tenere successfully carried out the company’s first liquified natural gas (LNG) bunkering during a scheduled port call in Rotterdam. The 14,800 TEU dual-fuel LNG Ultra Large Container Ship (the first in a series chartered to CMA CGM) took on 10,600 m3 of LNG, which is enough fuel for a round trip voyage between Rotterdam and Asia.

The LNG bunkers were pumped by the world’s largest LNG bunker vessel, Total’s Gas Agility. The entire bunkering process, which included a first-time cooldown, hose connecting and disconnecting, and pumping, took approximately 30 hours to complete, which was on time and as scheduled. Of these 30 hours, the LNG’s actual bunkering took roughly 10 hours, which was also on time and as expected. M/V CMA CGM Tenere subsequently proceeded to Southampton using the LNG to power the high-pressure MEGI engine onboard.

This milestone achievement was witnessed by Idan Ofer and EPS Special Advisor, Innovation Gil Ofer, who boarded the vessel in Rotterdam and sailed with her before disembarking in Southampton.

Watch CMA CGM Tenere enter the port of Rotterdam and receive bunkers from Gas Agility!

LNG is an alternate marine fuel proven to be the best solution to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions today. This transitionary fuel will help vessels be IMO 2030 compliant years ahead of schedule by reducing sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter emissions until even cleaner energy solutions are available. EPS firmly believes in using alternative marine fuels like LNG, LPG, Ethane, and biofuels to lower its carbon footprint today. EPS is dedicated not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good in the pursuit of reducing emissions, which is why of EPS’ 36 newbuilds scheduled for delivery in 2021-2022, most are powered by alternative marine fuels. These vessels are spread across EPS’ bulk, container, and tanker segments and will be the cleanest vessels on water in their respective categories.

CMA CGM Tenere entering the port of Rotterdam

Gas Agility alongside CMA CGM Tenere 

Pictured from left to right: Aviad Kaufman; EPS Special Advisor, Innovation Gil Ofer; Captain of CMA CGM Tenere, Capt. Valentin Dimitrov; Idan Ofer