EPS Adds Ammonia to its Marine Fuel Mix

06 June 2022
EPS Adds Ammonia to its Marine Fuel Mix

Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS), the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) sign MoU for ocean-going ammonia dual-fuel gas tanker

Each organisation will play a key role in bringing the vessel to water and accelerating decarbonisation efforts

ATHENS, 6 June 2022 – Today, at Posidonia, EPS announced it intends to order an ammonia dual-fuel gas carrier which will be built at HHI, to be registered under the Singapore flag, classed by ABS, and will be the first vessel fitted with MAN Energy Solutions G60 two-stroke dual-fuel ammonia engine.

The use of ammonia as an alternative marine fuel shows great promise as it eliminates carbon dioxide emissions, which make up the vast majority of overall greenhouse gas emissions. However, there is no engine commercially available in the market today that can use ammonia as a marine fuel. Ammonia-ready vessels currently on order will be able to switch from other alternative marine fuels but will still require a major engine retrofit once ammonia engines become commercially accessible. 

Today’s announcement showcases that a willingness to invest in and develop various emission-lowering alternative marine fuels, like ammonia, is required to create pathways for wide-scale adoption. The MoU also demonstrates that a commitment from various like-minded partner organisations is needed to accelerate decarbonisation efforts.

EPS CEO Cyril Ducau says, “We believe that our industry will need to rely on multiple solutions to steadily lower and eventually eliminate emissions. That’s why it is critical for us to constantly invest and develop various alternative marine fuels in order to offer the right solution to the right segment at the right time. The use of ammonia as a marine fuel is the next logical step for EPS and the industry. I am pleased that EPS, MPA, HHI, and ABS have come together on what will certainly be a pivotal moment in our energy transition.”

MPA Chief Executive Quah Ley Hoon says, “MPA is excited to be part of the EPS-led joint project to develop EPS’ first ocean-going ammonia dual-fuel gas tanker. EPS’ decision to register their new ammonia fuelled gas carriers under the Singapore flag signifies an important milestone in our journey towards green shipping. We look forward to working closely with EPS and partners to move decisively on maritime decarbonisation.”

The MoU states the dual fuel ammonia tanker could be either midsize gas carrier(s), large gas carrier(s), or very large gas carrier(s) and could be delivered as early as 2025.

The MoU was signed by EPS CEO, Cyril Ducau; PA Chief Executive, Quah Ley Hoon; HHI EVP of Initial Design Office, Seung-Ho, Jeon; Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Head Engineer of Initial Planning & Hull Initial Design, Yi-Hyo, Chung; HHI Engine & Machinery President & COO Marine Engineering & Energy Solution Engine & Machinery & SEMCo Business, Kwang-Hean, An; ABS Chairman, President and CEO, Christopher Wiernicki; and witnessed by Singapore Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport, Chee Hong Tat.