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On Shore

Eastern Pacific Shipping seeks out passionate professionals who thrive in a challenging, intense and highly rewarding environment. Our shore-based team is comprised of several departments such as Management, Human Resources, Legal, Corporate Services, Finance, Commercial, Operations, IT, Crewing and Technical.

EPS aims to attract, train and retain the very best. Our work is challenging and we expect the very best from our team. In return, our employees are given a rewarding career that allows them to reach their full potential.

It’s been such a rewarding experience working for EPS. I’ve been given the tools and support needed to succeed and reach my full potential.

Current Openings

Date Posted
Application deadline
Operations - Superintendent (Tankers) Singapore March 9, 2020 April 6, 2020 READ MORE
Operations Manager (Container) Singapore March 6, 2020 April 3, 2020 READ MORE
Senior Accounts Executive (Vessel Accounts) Singapore March 6, 2020 April 30, 2020 READ MORE
Executive (Operations) Singapore March 27, 2020 April 30, 2020 READ MORE
Project Executive Singapore March 5, 2020 April 2, 2020 READ MORE

Operations - Superintendent (Tankers)



Date Posted

March 9, 2020

Application Deadline

April 6, 2020

The function is to manage the marine operations activities of vessels to achieve a safe & efficient carriage of cargoes, consistent with:

  1. our customer satisfaction and
  2. our responsibilities towards the health and safety well-being of our ship staff and the environment.


1.  Sea Worthiness Fulfillment

  • Comply with terminal and port rules and regulations and other marine industry mandatory rules & regulations
  • Advice and assist Master in the preparation for Terminal Inspections.

2.  Pre Fixture Operations

  • Support Chartering on request for vessel information for purpose of fixtures.
  • Fill in chartering questionnaires and confirm Master’s calculated loadable.

3.  Post Fixture Operations

  • Charterer Requirements

    • Provide Master with advice and confirm agreement / compliance with regard to the operational terms of the Charter Party.  

  • Voyage Readiness Preparation

    • Review and approve supply of bunkers stemmed by bunker team to ensure there is sufficiency of bunker to perform the voyage (in addition to fresh water); arrange de-slopping if required
    • Responsible for ensuring vessel’s readiness to load the nominated cargo. To give tank cleaning advice to the Master in this regard.
  • Voyage Performance Monitoring
    • Monitor vessel progress during voyage, including warranted loading quantities to optimize stow plan, weather, speed, bunker consumptions, heating requirements, and final
    • Ensure time chartered vessels comply with C/P requirements and warranties.
  • Navigation / Voyage Support
    • Arrange weather routing advice for vessels as necessary.
    • Assist the Masters with selecting the most appropriate routing for the voyage, in compliance with the CP.
    • Review load and discharge plans for all spot & time-chartered vessels (if necessary).
    • Evaluate and negotiate with agents and approval of proforma disbursement.
  • Communication & Customer Relationship
    • Alert Manager regarding of operational problems being encountered by the vessel during the voyage and update the progress of the voyage as necessary.
    • Provide timely advice to Charterers on vessel’s movements for customer satisfaction.
    • Attend to customer’s complaints and feedback promptly.

4.  Port Research

  • Research, study and review new and sensitive ports / terminals. Communicate port information to vessels, if necessary.

5.  Accounting and Cost Control

  • Ensure proper accounting of costs involved in the conduct of the voyage.
  • Ensure disbursement (both voyage and owners) are properly accounted and funded.

6.  Performance & People Management

  • Monitor, review and analyze vessel performance and follow up with under- performing ships.
  • Manage, coach and motivate Operation Executive / Senior Executive / Specialist / Senior Specialist to perform on the job.
  • Conduct operations briefing in office (when assigned) for Senior Officers before they join vessels.

7.  Operation Expertise Consultancy

  • Assist to address and verify gaps as highlighted in NCR, inspections with special attention to MOC / Charterer requirements.
  • Plan, attend and report findings pertaining to routine inspection / audit assignments to vessel.

8.  Coordinate with HSEV with regard to any implementation of quality, health,  safety and environmental initiatives.


  • Certificate of Competency (Master Class 1)
  • 6 months command experience on tankers or 3 years’ experience as a Chief mate on tankers or 2 years’ shore experience as a Superintendent handling tankers.
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Incident / Investigation and reports making ability.
  • Sire / Navigation audits skills.

Operations Manager (Container)



Date Posted

March 6, 2020

Application Deadline

April 3, 2020

Day to day monitoring and management of the marine operational activities of Fleet ships under our management. This includes customer satisfaction, safety of the crew, safe, efficient loading, carriage and discharge of the nominated cargoes, care of the environment and expediting of the vessels voyage thereby minimizing the operational costs.

Monitoring weather, navigational and operational reviews and new port study and risk assessments.


1.Closely monitor vessel performance and operational requirements of each vessel to be in compliance with Charter parties and:

  • To alert the Management regarding any operational problems and any non-compliance.
  • Keeping all concerned aware of vessels itinerary and updating appropriate IT applications.
  • Communicating with Charterers as well as responding, on behalf of Principals, to Charterer’s / Customer’s complaints.
  • Ensure operations briefing for Senior Officers passing through the office when joining vessels.
  • Train Operations executives and Training Chief Officers when in office.
  • To ensure prompt billing of Hire and reimbursements.
  • To ensure Security arrangements are provided to ships when transiting HRA.

2. Monitoring weather, navigational and operational reviews and new port study and risk assessments.


  • Fluent in written and spoken English, numerate and knowledge of shipping terms.
  • Dedicated ability to priorities and solve problems with logical thought process.
  • Good communication skills with accuracy in expression and ability to work well under pressure.
  • Specialized knowledge of following is preferred:
    • Charter party terms and of agency networks.
    • Familiarity with different trade routes.
    • Incident / Accident Investigation ability.
    • Navigation / Sire / Safety audits ability.
    • Trending and making reports on statistics
  • Team work, ability to train and believes in continuous improvement would be an added advantage.

Senior Accounts Executive (Vessel Accounts)



Date Posted

March 6, 2020

Application Deadline

April 30, 2020

The function is to assist the Accounts Manager (Vessel Accounts) and Financial Controller to perform accounting for the trading activities and operating cost of vessels managed by EPS; process suppliers’ invoices and agents’ disbursements for payments; attend to queries from suppliers; follow up with various departments on outstanding issues and assist in ad-hoc duties that may be assigned from time to time.


  • Preparation and posting of journal entries in Danaos Accounting Module:
    • Monthly accrual and reversal of entries for insurance expenses
    • Monthly lubricants consumption and valuation
    • Monthly accrual of entries for vessel operating expenses for e.g. bunkers, lubricants, insurance, stores and consumables, crew agents expenses, etc.
    • Year end valuation of bunkers
    • Any other journals required for closing of accounts
  • Validation of Accounts Receivable in Danaos Accounting Module.
  • Preparation of monthly vessel income sheet and updating of direct income and expenses in Danaos Accounting Module.
  • Preparation of monthly analytical reports including budget vs actual.
  • Updating and posting of voyage bunker consumption entries.
  • Check account coding of suppliers’ invoices relating to Brokerage Commissions and Charterer’s account.
  • Monitoring and reconciliation of balances in the Voyage in progress account against actual direct income and expenses.
  • Review of trial balances and vessel operating expenses.
  • Monthly accounting of Master Cash Reports on crew cost.
  • Control and reconciliation of master cash account. Ensuring that the balances in the books are checked and reconciled quarterly, against Master Cash Reports.
  • Perform registration and accounts coding of invoices.
  • Perform final checking of invoices against Purchase Order and Delivery Order.
  • Liaise and co-ordinate with suppliers on outstanding payments and issue.
  • Process Port Agent invoices from Disbursement Section.
  • Perform ad-hoc duties as and when required.


  • A recognised degree or professional qualification in Accoutancy.
  • 4-5 years of relevant working experience, preferably in the shipping industry
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills – spoken and written English
  • A team player who is hands-on and meticulous in his/her work and can deliver within tight deadlines
  • Proficient in MS Office in particular MS Excel application
  • Working knowledge of Oracle and Danaos Enterprise will be advantageous

Executive (Operations)



Date Posted

March 27, 2020

Application Deadline

April 30, 2020

The function is responsible for fulfilling the Charter Party requirements of the time charter/Voyage fixtures (as applicable), maintaining our reputation as a ‘Shipper of Choice’ and customer satisfaction while keeping Owner / Manager related expenses within acceptable levels. A good knowledge of Charter party terms and conditions is mandatory.

Job Description

  • Read all messages pertaining to individual vessels and alert Superintendent/Manager Operations, Chartering Officers, Technical, Disbursement/Billing Coordinator and Insurance & Claims Department of matters that warrant their attention.
  • Attend to all operational related queries / issues from internal and external customers/contractors.
  • Monitor Port Movements. Update Danaos ops module, Voyage file, Voyage Manager and Position list.
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor the pre-fixture and post fixtures requirements of the time charter fixtures:-

a) Pre-fixture – Assist Operation Superintendents/Manager and Chartering Officers to:

    • Prepare vessel description/Questionnaires
    • Issue delivery instructions
    • Prepare vessel for bunkering
    • Arranging Bunker/Condition survey

b) Post-fixtures

    • Review fixture recap and study Charter Party and Rider clauses.
    • Amend Base Charter Party as per Recap & file the updated one.
    • Prepare Charter Party highlights for the Master.
    • Executing the T/C as per Charter Party
    • Cargo – OOG / DG approval in consultation with Superintendent/Manager.
    • Monitor Sailing Reports and highlight to Superintendent/Manager if any issues/areas of concerns are cited.
    • Attending to requests and queries from Charterers/Brokers/vessels/Third parties.
    • Maintain Voyage file electronically. – Danaos
    • Monitor voyage performance – bunker consumption as per CP.
    • Follow with vessels / Charterers for stevedore damages
    • Handling of cargo, break-bulk, OOG issues, reefer malfunctions.
    • Monitoring weather routing programs for optimal voyage planning and warn Masters as necessary.
    • Liaise with brokers / agents for voyage information.
    • Evaluation, Comparison, negotiation and appointment of local agents & Bunker/Condition Survey Company.


  • Plan, coordinate and monitor the 3 phases of time charter (pre-time charter, during time charter and prior completion of time charter):-

a) Pre Time Charter

    • Send charter party to Master at the earliest possible.
    • Ensure delivery notices are served on time.
    • Provide Sailing instructions to the Master, where applicable.

b) During Time Charter

    • Obtain necessary LOI(s) when required.
    • Negotiate and appoint agent for husbandry matters.
    • Coordinate communication between parties involved in Charter.
    • Ensure Time Charter hire is billed promptly.
    • Prepare invoice for Charterer’s expense and bill them promptly.
    • Archiving of all messages pertaining to Operations during the Charter starting from Pre-Time Charter duration until Completion of time Charter.
    • Prepare Off hire/deviation statement, if any off hire/deviation during the Charter.

c) Prior Completion of Time Charter

    • Ensure redelivery notices are received in time.
    • Arranging Bunker/Condition survey


  • Other duties as specified below:
    • Arrange weather routing when confirmed by Operations Manager.
    • Liaise with Technical Department and arrange for load line re-measurement when required.
    • Liaise with Insurance & Claims Department when vessel enters war risk area.
    • Appoint as and when required the following functions: Sea Pilots, Bunker Surveyors, Cargo Surveyors.
    • Crosscheck accuracy of updated port console by the Disbursement.
    • Other duties as required by Superintendent/Manager.

Qualifications / Experiences

  • Diploma holder and above
  • 3-5 years relevant working experience in shipping industry
  • IT & System knowledge, e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, Email and IMOS
  • Good communication skills – spoken and written English
  • Good negotiation skills and people management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • An independent and team player
  • Willing to learn and has a sense of urgency.

Project Executive



Date Posted

March 5, 2020

Application Deadline

April 2, 2020

The function is responsible for :

  • Ensuring that the execution of fleet wise projects is in good order;
  • Attending shipyards to oversee the installation and work progress of Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) and Marine Scrubber System (MSS); and
  • Ensuring that the results are well documented.


  • To follow up on project-related issues, particularly in Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) and Marine Scrubber System (MSS) through daily messages from various stakeholders and seek instructions from the Superintendent (Technical).
  • To study plans, drawings and details of BWTS and MSS in projects to achieve cost savings & time efficiency.
  • To ensure smooth operations in retrofitting works, including liaising with Shipyards, Sub-contractors, Suppliers, etc.
  • To plan & supervise BWTS and MSS retrofitting works independently.
  • To monitor & ensure works on-site are carried out according to specifications & drawings and on schedule.
  • To conduct regular risk assessment on projects, identify potential risk to stakeholders, and plan out risk responses and corrective actions.
  • To work closely with Superintendent (Technical) and to assist as required.
  • To check and compile documents for various equipment makers for Management’s approval.
  • To monitor the progress of projects as directed by Superintendent (Technical).
  • To keep and file documents, prepare various databases of new equipment and projects for analysis.
  • To prepare and submit weekly report to Superintendent (Technical) for review.
  • Any other duties as and when assigned by Superintendent (Technical) and Manager (New Building and Projects).

Qualifications & Experience

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering preferred or Marine Engineering
  • Preferably 1-2 years of working experience in a similar capacity
  • Experience in ship equipment preferred

Knowledge and Skills

  • Good knowledge in mechanical and electrical systems
  • Good knowledge in Ballast Water Treatment Systems and Marine Scrubber Systems
  • Basic IT knowledge, e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, Email
  • Good communication skills – spoken and written English
  • Good project management skills
  • Flair for numbers