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Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd., also known as EPS, is a global ship management company headquartered in the maritime capital of the world, Singapore. EPS manages over 13 million DWT, across six different segments, with over 30 newbuilds set to join our portfolio in the next few years.

EPS’ young, diverse and dynamic fleet includes Bulk, Container, Chemical, Gas, Pure Car & Truck Carriers (PCTC) and Tanker vessels. We offer a fully integrated suite of management services which oversees the entire life cycle of a vessel. Our skilled team will purchase or design and supervise the construction of a ship and then run its day-to-day commercial, crewing, operating, and maintenance activities until it is sold or retired.

Our vessels are managed by a shore staff of 200 highly skilled commercial and technical operators and over 4,600 dedicated sea staff. Eastern Pacific Shipping is firmly committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction to our clients with an emphasis on the safety of the crew, environment, cargo and ship.


To be the safe and efficient transportation provider of choice to the shipping industry.


Eastern Pacific Shipping is firmly committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction to our clients with a particular emphasis on the safety of the crew, the environment, the cargo and the ship. We aim to be the partner and employer of choice for the maritime industry.


We are committed to conducting our business with honesty, integrity and accountability. All Eastern Pacific Shipping staff are expected to adhere to our Code of Business Conduct, which sets out our values and establishes our collective commitment to the highest ethical standards. We acknowledge that we operate in a challenging environment with laws, rules and regulatory frameworks that are increasingly complex and constantly evolving. We encourage all staff to act in accordance with the guiding principles of our Code, and to raise any concerns that they have.



EPS is committed to maintaining the highest management standards in the maritime industry. Our priority is the health, safety, security and quality of our staff and the environment. We are committed to providing the necessary resources and training in support of our policy and objectives while complying with all applicable local and international rules and regulations.

Training and Development

Training is a crucial part of Eastern Pacific Shipping. We firmly believe in investing in the development of our sea and shore staff.  We ensure our sea staff is trained to the highest level of international standards and we continually develop their competency. Our dedicated shore teams are already leaders in their respective fields and continuously sharpen their skills in an inclusive team-based environment. EPS takes pride in the fact that both our sea and shore staff are recognised thought leaders within the maritime and business community.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES Welcome to Transera Logistic


Eastern Pacific Shipping is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Integrity, Respect, Team Work and Commitment are the four core values that guide us. Referred to as the “Four Pillars of EPS,” we strive to tie each value with four specific ways to give back to the communities where we work and operate.

The Willing Hearts organisation is an industrial kitchen that prepares and delivers food boxes for those in need. As regular volunteers, EPS employees volunteer their time to assist with the cooking, packing and delivery of these meals. This initiative is supported by EPS through coordination, promotion and the provision of ‘time off’ to attend to the activity.

EPS has successfully raised funds through voluntary donations in response to international disasters and the needs of charitable organisations. Most recently, funds raised from the sale of old office furniture were 100% donated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Singapore.

EPS aims to support local charities with items that their recipients need, such as clothing and footwear. Recently EPS donated over 1000 pairs of brand new boots to two organisations in Singapore: The Sailor’s Society and The Salvation Army.

EPS provides an annual bursary of USD 60,000 to deserving children of seagoing and shore-based staff. The scholarship is intended for these future leaders to apply for tertiary education.

EPS plans to actively seek a global charity that aligns with our Four Pillars where we can meaningfully contribute.



At Eastern Pacific Shipping, we fundamentally believe that our business can only thrive when we all act with the highest standard of integrity and ethics. We actively practice what we preach and believe in doing what is right:

Every time. Every place. No excuses. No exceptions.

We are fully committed to our Code of Business Conduct and hold a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to any non-compliance or potential non-compliance in our business. For example, our Code of Business Conduct prohibits the giving or receiving of improper payments or the promise to give improper payments that can influence a business decision, to or from any counterparties. We do not condone the receiving or offering of any extravagant gifts or entertainment that could have the appearance of impropriety. We believe that ethical business is good business for EPS.