EPS managed vessel North Sea saves three people

Eastern Pacific Shipping’s managed car carrier, Lake Taupo, received a distress call from catamaran vessel Gayna Dari. The catamaran, which had one person on board, was sailing from Brisbane to the Solomon Islands when she began taking on water after a hull breach. Upon receiving the distress call, Lake Taupo’s Master, Capt. Pavlos Aleksandrs, proceeded to alter the ship’s course for rescue operations. The catamaran and our 12,660 DWT vessel were able to coordinate maneuvers to get alongside one another safely. The lone passenger boarded Lake Taupo and was given dry clothes and a meal while he recuperated from the ordeal. The following morning, Lake Taupo arrived at Buka Islands where the rescuee safely disembarked and left with Bougainville Immigration Authorities, who subsequently arranged for his transportation back home. Eastern Pacific Shipping is grateful to the Master and crew of Lake Taupo whose swift response helped save a person in need.